Plenary lectures are scheduled for 30 min (with exception of 10 min presentation of the American Chamber of Commerce in Slovakia). Standard presentations are planned for 20 min. We recommend to all presenters to allow some time for discussion to their lecture.

THURSDAY - December 11, 2008

07:30 - 09:00   REGISTRATION


Chair: Žáková, K. (SK)

Invitation by the Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology of the STU Bratislava
Vajda, J.   (SK)


Chair: Huba, M. (SK)

Innovation management - base tool for new quality in education
Drozdová, M., Hrbáňová, K. (SK)

A Guide to Online Course Quality
Zvacek, S. (USA)

Business and Academia: Bridging the Gap American Chamber of Commerce in Slovakia contributes to Business - Academic Cooperation
Slegers, J. (USA)

Slovak e-laboratory of remote interactive experiments for teaching of natural sciences
Schauer, F. (CZ), Ožvoldová, M. (SK)

11:00 - 11:20   COFFEE BREAK

11:20 - 13:00   SESSION A1 - MALÁ AULA

Chair: Gerke, M.. (DE)

The European Dimension of the Net-Trainers Course: Tutor´s and Learner´s Perspectives
Vejvodová, J., Štěpánek, L. (CZ)

Voice Stress Analyser Intelligent System For E-Testing
Kaklauskas, A., Vlasenko, A., Seniut, M., Krutinis, M. (LT)

Exploitation of E-learning in Foreign Language Teaching at the Faculty of Informatics and Management in Hradec Králové
Semrádová, I., Frydrychová Klímová, B. (CZ)

News Forum in Moodle in practice
Stuchlíková, Ľ., Benkovská, J. (SK)

Evaluation of the effectiveness of a learning management system on adults education in Greece
Vasilakis, N., Supin, M., Ilavska, A., Tseles, D. (GR)

11:20 - 13:00   SESSION B1 - Mathematics Education - Zadná kaviareň

Chair: Marko, Ľ. (SK)

RLO in e-Learning Solutions
Velichová, D. (SK)

Divisibility Tests and Their Visualization
Vild, J., Vild, V. (CZ)

E-learning in Mathematics at Wroclaw University of Technology - the Present and the Future
Kajetanowicz, P., Wierzejewski, J. (PL)

Cognitive Technologies in Mathematics Education
Friedrich, V., Majovská, R. (CZ)

Twelve years of Pre-entry Course on Mathematics
Marko, Ľ., Sovišová, D. (SK)

13:00 - 14:00   LUNCH


Chair: Zvacek, S. (SK)

Laser Pointer Map Interaction
Kovárová, A., Mészáros, V., Zelman, A. (SK)

E-learning in Course Operating Systems
Fikar, M., Čirka, Ľ., Herceg, M., Podmajerský, M. (SK)

E-learning course landscape floriculture
Hillová, D. (SK)

Electronically enhanced teaching of programming using CMS Moodle
Cápay, M., Palmárová, V. (SK)

The e-learning course Informatics in LMS Moodle
Trochanová, H. (SK)

Course E-learning in LMS Moodle
Trochanová, H., Chudá, D. (SK)

The Slovak EVLM Portal
Richtáriková, D., Szarková, D. (SK)

Didactics of Elementary Mathematics Textbook in the Form of Moodle Course.
Partová, E. (SK)

14:00 - 16:40   SESSION B2 - Remote and Virtual Labs - Zadná kaviareň

Chair: Restivo, M. T. (PT)

Multidisciplinary Project Based Learning in Engineering Areas
Restivo, M. T., Marques, J. C. (PT)

Developing virtual labs at “Politehnica” University of Timisoara
Bucos, M. C., Dragulescu, B., Ternauciuc, A. (RO)

Human-Machine Real-Virtual Haptic Interaction Systems
Lopes, A.M., Santos, J., Peixoto, H., Sousa, A.A., Restivo, M.T. (PT)

Remote Access to Programmable Logic Design Systems: Lessons Learned
Haba, C. G., Bahrni, V. (RO)

SimLab: A Virtual Lab for Control Problems. An undergraduate Experience
Lemos, F., Leão, C.P., Soares, F.O. (PT)

E-Learning Support for Laboratory Exercises
Richtera, L., Weiter,M., Vala, M., Navrátil, J. (CZ)

Remote Experiences
Mota, A., Carvalho, M., Bastos, M., Sousa, S. (PT)

Virtual laboratories as a medium for knowledge acquisition in complex problems
Andrášik, L. (SK)

16:40 - 17:00   COFFEE BREAK

17:00 - 18:20   SESSION A3 - MALÁ AULA

Chair: Drozdová, M. (SK)

Web-based Biometric Mouse Intelligent System for Student’s Emotional and Examination Process Analysis
Kaklauskas, A., Seniut, M., Krutinis, M. (LT)

Experience and findings from a set of e-learning related projects
Lavendels, J., Krauklis, K., Romanova, G., Sitikovs, V. (LV)

Preparation of the Master Study Programme of Management of Travel and Tourism at the Faculty of Informatics and Management and the Use of Electronic Support Courses
Semrádová, I., Kacetl J. (CZ)

Educational Web Portal for Tools, Methods and Case Studies in Quality Improvement
Zgodavová, K., Virčíková, E, Mizla, M. (SK)

19:30 - 22:00   WELCOME PARTY Hotel SUZA

Competition Results Announcement

FRIDAY - December 12, 2008

07:30 - 08:30   REGISTRATION


Chair: Jakab, F. (SK)

Interuniversity Study in Network of Selected Universities in Czech Republic
Hán, J. (CZ)

Digital Students and Education
Meško, D. (SK)

Cross-Border Interoperability of Electronic Health Record Systems (E-Health)
Mikolášik, M. (SK)

10:00 - 10:20   COFFEE BREAK

10:20 - 13:00   SESSION A4 - MALÁ AULA

Chair: Joklová, V. (SK)

MeDiMeD - retrieval of medical educational information in prenatal diagnostics
Nina Hrtonova , Eva Racanska, Ales Rocek. (CZ)

e-learning in Professional Education for Medical High-School Students
Lehocki, F., Stuchlíková, Ľ., Gallo, O., Kékešiová, G., Bachratá, O. (SK)

Virtual Design Studio; Application of ICT based environment to the core subjects in architecture and urban design
Joklová, V. (SK)

Security policy of Flash Player and use of ASPX for sending of test results by e-mail
Hrbáček, J., Strach, J. (CZ)

Publishing learning content on mobile devices
Ermalai, I., Ternauciuc, A., Onita, M., Vasiu, R. (RO)

Bloom’s taxonomy based assessment development
Genči, J. (SK)

Revival of Excel Animations
Vild, J., Vytlačil, V. (CZ)

E-learning - effective support of the life-long education for pedagogic staff in information technologies
Jakubeková, M., Töröková, A. (SK)

13:00-13:30   POSTER SESSION - FOYER

Chair: Bisták, P.

Matlab and Java Based Virtual and Remote Laboratories
Bisták, P. (SK)

Students' Competition - Tool for Talented Students' Development
Hrubý, M. (CZ)

Language Portal Solutions
Černá, M. (CZ)

Using the LMS Moodle in the Course Modelling in the Process Industry
Bakošová, M. (SK)

Questions of Designing on-line Courses in Russian Language
Hubáčková, Š. , Hubáček, P. (CZ)

WebLab Module for the Moodle Learning Management System
Čirka Ľ., Kvasnica, M., Fikar M. (SK)

The Role of Internet in the Advertising of Faculty of Informatics and Management
Poulová, P. (CZ)

Using of CMS systems for schools and education
Segeč, P., Kubina, M. (SK)

Innovative approach to teaching English at FEI STU-textbook and e-learning material
Podpera, I. (SK)

Specify of making electronic tests for economics informatics
Trochanová, H., Chudá, D. (SK)

Considerations on a Remotely Operable Mobile Robot Laboratory
Borgolte, U. (DE)

13:30-14:30   LUNCH