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Location of the Conference

The conference will be held in Piešťany, Slovakia at the SOREA SĹŇAVA Hotel *** (hotel link).

Photo of SOREA SĹŇAVA Hotel

The spa town of Piešťany with 30,000 inhabitants is located in the south-western part of Slovakia, on the banks of the River Váh. The town is surrounded by the Povazsky Inovec mountains on the eastern side and the Low Carpatians on the western side. This position in a fertile country, in the place where the Váh flows wide and creates the artificial lake Sĺňava, creates ideal conditions for congress activities. SOREA Sĺňava Hotel is situated in peaceful and quiet surroundings of Piešťany.

Photo of Piestany

How to Reach SOREA SĹŇAVA Hotel *** in Piešťany

By Plane

There are regular flights to Bratislava (80 km from Piešťany), Vienna (140 km) and Prague (350 km) but only charter flights directly to Piešťany airport.

From the Vienna airport it is recommended to use direct bus connection to Bratislava (instead of travelling to the centre of Vienna). There are two bus companies. The Slovak Lines bus company has the stop at the main bus station in Bratislava (Bratislava,AS). Then it is advatageous to use a bus connection to Piestany. The other bus company Blaguss stops in the centre of Bratislava (the Novy Most stop) so it is necessary to use a public transport to get to the main railway station (or the bus station) and continue to Piestany by a train (or a bus).

By Train

From Bratislava main railway station: take a train in the direction of Žilina that stops in Piešťany.

More information about timetables of trains in Slovakia can be found on the following website:

By Bus

From Bratislava bus station: take a bus to Piešťany.

More information about timetables of buses (and trains) in Slovakia can be found on the following website:

By Car

GPS: 48°34'34.82"N, 17°49'8.57"E

Piešťany lies on the highway D1 between Bratislava and Žilina. On the highway use the exit Piešťany. When leaving the exit follow the direction to the centre. For a global orientation, check the map in the Annexes.

Local Transport in Piešťany

In Piešťany the railway station and the bus are situated close to each other. From the railway station or the bus station to the SOREA SĹŇAVA Hotel it is recommended to take a taxi because the public transport is not very frequent (line 4 from the stop Bus station/Autobusová stanica to the stop Ice Rink, Hotel Sĺňava/Zimný štadión, Hotel Sĺňava, timetable).


The conference hotel


Photo of the Room

Hlboká 47, 921 01 Piešťany

Room rates
Price per person per night Single room Double or twin room
To be reserved by June 30 39 € 32 €
Reserved after June 30 41 € 34 €

For reservation of accommodation in SOREA SLNAVA Hotel contact directly

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Piešťany Information Centre

For other information about Piešťany contact

Piešťany Information Centre
Pribinova 2
921 01 Piešťany
tel. 00421 33 / 771 96 21



Map of Slovakia

Slovakia is situated in the middle of Europe

Map of Slovakia

Piešťany is located in the south-western part of Slovakia

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