Call for papers: Benchmarking Forum, SCHOLA LUDUS in the IT Age

We invite you to contribute at the Benchmarking Forum on “school by playing” organized in the frame of the 14th International Conference on Interactive Collaborative Learning and 11th International Conference Virtual University in order to identify the best practice and trends.

The Benchmarking Forum on SCHOLA LUDUS in the IT Age is an excellent occasion for specialists of different fields, e.g. also for not IT specialists, to make a jump into new paradigm of Science and Education balancing real, thought and virtual. The Programme Committee is seeking refereed contributions in all aspects of educational portals and / or particular formats, games, functioning programmes or papers focused preferably on systematic non-formal learning relevant to modern science in the IT age.

Contributions are to be submitted as two-page extended abstracts, which will be published alongside full papers in the ICL conference proceedings. Presentation will be in oral or poster form. Details of benchmarking realization depend on number of presenters and will be given along with acceptance notification. Authors intending to participate are requested to upload a two-page extended abstract into the conference system till June 15, 2011. Acceptance notification will be Thursday 30th June. There are many good and excellent particular activities, real and virtual, boosting science culture and technology innovations by non-formal learning. And there is also urgent general need for principled changes in education elicited by current science knowledge and IT communication. Let’s to come, show your best practice, benchmark together the current state of art, and envisage your future actions at the front line of pro-science education. Let’s benefits from practice of others, for the best of your addresses and society.

Katarina Teplanova, SCHOLA LUDUS Bratislava, Slovakia
Andrej Ferko, Comenius University Bratislava, Slovakia
Silvester Czanner, University of Manchester, United Kingdom
Mikulas Huba, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Slovakia


Background for the Benchmarking Forum

IT Age brought e-learning that usually uses linear teaching approach but also the term Science 2.0 that reflects progress of Web technologies and raises self-organization and new epistemology of science ( Here is urgent challenge to design education of future in agreement with Science 2.0. The challenge is provocative because of ambiguities of Science 2.0.

A brand new approach to attract educational process on several levels has been developed during the last few years. The name is simply derived from playing with knowledge: serious games. Serious Games are non-leisure applications of games technologies and virtual worlds (three dimensional immersive environments). The recent use of these entertainment based technologies in new application areas, such as for education, for training, for health and environmental purposes, present the academic and industrial communities with new opportunities and challenges that are both technological and social. The new Benchmarking Forum, SCHOLA LUDUS in the IT Age will offer an opportunity for the international scientific community to come together to consider the main challenges and scope of this genuinely cross-disciplinary field of study. The main aim of the forum is to propose and investigate new methodologies, frameworks and theories that can be best used to support modern teaching methods.

The forum is inspired also by the Slovak Science Centre Project named SCHOLA LUDUS. The project was developing at the Comenius University and also as NGO with travelling exhibitions and science popularising modules including science theatre, creative-discovery workshop, serious real educational games and competitions etc. with more than 2 millions visitors. The main current task of the SCHOLA LUDUS is to build up a virtual science centre. To create a virtual science centre is also a particular goal of the transnational South-East European Project Consortium “SEE Science” aimed in boosting innovation with participants from Austria, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Romania and Slovakia.

Latin SCHOLA LUDUS was originally the name of Comenius new teaching and learning method (1650-1654) underlying the importance of good thinking patterns, authentic learning and communication. Exact translation is school by playing resp. school by gaming; willingly it can be translated as serious learning by pleasure.

J. A. Comenius (Czech/Slovak J. A. Komenský) - teacher, educator and writer that lived and worked in many different countries in Europe and is considered to be the father of modern education. His birth and childhood are connected with locations Komna, Nivnice, and Uhersky Brod lying about 50 km from the Conference Venue Piestany.